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Downtown, smart growth, housing, environmental and fiscal responsibility

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Thank you friends and neighbors for your support in electing me to Council in the August 16th Special Election.

I will strive to help Sunnyvale City Council make the best decisions in the final months of 2016, and I’m here to listen to you.
However, the effort isn’t over. I am asking for your vote and support again in the November 2016 Election.

I am running because I am the best prepared to make a difference on City Council, and I have the passion and vision to create a better Sunnyvale.

My priorities

I want to improve the quality of life for the residents of Sunnyvale. Open communications with the residents is critical. I’m committed to listening to Sunnyvale residents to understand their concerns and work to solve the issues facing our community. This input is crucial to the vision, judgement and oversight that Council provides.

Finishing Downtown

It is imperative that we finish the Town Center–it is the heart of our community, and its opening will bring crucial sales tax dollars into our General Fund.  When I was first on the Planning Commission, I fought hard to improve the original developer’s design.  I know the vision that the citizens wanted, and I’m committed to see that vision completed quickly and with quality.

Managing Growth

We need to control our growth to match the community’s vision and balance the needs of the neighborhoods with the needs of development.  We need Transportation Demand Management Plans for office and residential projects to limit their effect on our city.  We need to evaluate height and setbacks for each project to limit their impact on the community.

Reducing Traffic

We need to reduce traffic and enable alternative transportation (walking, biking and public transportation).  I support more walkable communities of Mixed Use Zoning, Transportation Demand Management Plans for office and residential development, and walkable public transportation (including a City-wide shuttle).

Adding Housing

We must continue to look at ways to alleviate this Bay Area Crisis. I am a longtime affordable housing advocate and understand we need to protect a mixed stock of housing choices for our residents from the homeless to seniors, mobile home park residents, apartment renters, to homeowners. I have plans to add housing without negatively impacting our neighborhoods, and am a proponent add small units and “granny” units.

Protecting the Environment

I was on the Planning Commission when many of our Green Standards were first put in place and have made many proposed improvements over the years. Sunnyvale needs to continue being a regional leader from an environmental and alternative transportation standpoint.  I’ve proposed code requirements and plans for more EV Charging Stations in Sunnyvale, utilizing Recycled Water throughout the city and expanding our Bike/Ped Trails in the city.


Sunnyvale’s budget is founded upon a 20 year plan. We must ensure that we are forward thinking and make sure we balance adding resources and infrastructure upgrades with revenue projections.  I’ve worked in many small companies over the years, and I understand the need to balance short term needs with longterm goals.


*Titles for identification purposes only. If you would like to endorse my campaign, please contact me.

Hon. Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor, former Sunnyvale Mayor *
Hon. Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Supervisor *
Hon. Jerry Hill, California State Senator for 13th District, including Sunnyvale *
Hon. Evan Low, California State Assemblymember for 28th District*
Hon. Glenn Hendricks, Mayor, City of Sunnyvale*
Hon. Gustav Larsson, Vice Mayor, City of Sunnyvale*
Hon. Julia Miller, former Sunnyvale Mayor, El Camino Hospital Board Member*
Hon. Jim Griffith, former Sunnyvale Mayor and current Councilmember*
Hon. Mike Kasperzak, former Mountain View Mayor and current Councilmember*
Hon. Lenny Siegel, Mountain View Councilmember*
Hon. Gilbert Wong, Cupertino Councilmember and former Mayor*

With Sunnyvale Mayor Glenn Hendricks and campaign volunteer Peter Cirigliano

Hon. Paul Fong, former California State Assemblymember for 28th District *
Hon. Dianne McKenna, former Santa Clara County Supervisor and former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. Ron Gonzales, former Sunnyvale Mayor and former San Jose Mayor*
Hon. Pat Vorreiter, former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. Patricia Castillo, former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. John Howe, former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. Otto Lee, former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. Melinda Hamilton, former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. Chris Moylan, former Councilmember, City of Sunnyvale*
Hon. Tony Spitaleri, former Sunnyvale Mayor*
Hon. Dave Whittum, former Councilmember of Seat 4, City of Sunnyvale*

With former California State Assembly member Paul Fong

Henry Alexander III, Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Commissioner*
Sue Harrison, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner*
Ralph Kenton, Vice Chair, Sunnyvale Parks and Recreations Commission*
Ken Olevson, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner*
Narendra Pathak, Sunnyvale Housing and Human Services Commissioner*

Ken Rheaume, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner*
David Simons, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner*
Carol Weiss, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner*
Jerry Liu, Cupertino Library Commission Chair *

Howard Chuck
Jed Cyr, representing Sunnyvale as Director, Ward 3, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District *
Mark Diaz, Sunnyvale Public Library Foundation *
Terry Fowler
Jim and Sue Fredrickson
Eric Fulda, Director for the Charles Street Garden *
Darab Ghaffary
Janet Hamma
Stan Hendryx, Hendryx and Associates
Charles Hungerford
Margaret Lawson

Holly Lofgren
Melodi Masaniai, Co-Founder, Democratic Club of Sunnyvale *
Tim Oey, Vice President of the Friends of the Stevens Creek Trail *
Flo Stafford
Valerie Suares
Brandon Sulser
Gail Swegles
Nancy Tivol, Former Executive Director, Sunnyvale Community Services *
David Wessel, Board Member & Past President of the Sunnyvale Democratic Club *
Stephen Williams, candidate for City Council in the August 2016 Election

Sunnyvale Democratic ClubSUNPACDean Democratic ClubPeninsula Young DemocratsSunnyvale Employees AssociationSanta Clara County DemocratsSunnyvale PSOASouth Bay LaborSan Jose Mercury NewsSVAPADC

 Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®, Legislative Committee

About me

Over the past 15 years, I have been very active in our community, and I hope that I can continue to serve you as a member of City Council.


When I moved to the Bay Area more than 25 years ago, I first settled in Sunnyvale in an apartment complex along Wolfe Road.  I majored in Computer Science, but I have worked as a Lead Engineer, Manager, Director and Program Manager at multiple small businesses over the last twenty years. I am currently working as an Engineering Program Manager at a small start-up in the East Bay.

After renting in Sunnyvale for years, when my wife and I purchased our first home 15 years ago, it was here in heart of our wonderful city in the Heritage District.

My qualifications:

• Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner, 2004-2010

• Board Member of the Sunnyvale Historical Society and Museum Association, 2010-2016

President of Sunnyvale Historical Society planning Sunnyvale’s Centennial Celebration, 2012

• Sunnyvale Charter Review Committee, 2006-2007

• Citizens Working Group for the Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study, 2013-2015

• Board Member, Secretary, Advisor for Sustainable Community Gardens, 2015-2016 (non-profit managing Charles Street Gardens and Full Circle Farm)

• Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP) Graduate, 2016

• Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner, 2014-2016

• Sunnyvale Councilmember Seat 4, 2016-present

Get involved

I have an intimate understanding of Sunnyvale’s historic past as well as insight into how the city operates.  I am the best prepared candidate to make a difference in the issues facing Sunnyvale.  My nine years of service on the Sunnyvale Planning Commission has given me extensive experience in Land Use issues. I have pushed hard for smart growth, so that local businesses can succeed while the character of the city’s single-family neighborhoods can be maintained.

I feel that I have the best experience and understanding of the needs of the people of Sunnyvale.  I hope that I can work to improve our quality of life!

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